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Tadich Grill

Founded in 1849, Tadich Grill is not only San Francisco's oldest restaurant, but also the oldest in California as well as the third oldest in the country still in operation. They pride themselves on their old-school feel by outfitting waiters in white coats, offering local classics like their Hangtown fry and cioppino, and their no-reservations policy.

"Few restaurants last 50 years let alone 162...In a city known for cutting-edge restaurants, Tadich's is old-fashioned, a nostalgic shrine to local piscine tradition." — The New York Times

On the Menu

The menu includes over 75 entrees made from scratch daily, including seafood, shellfish, or meats prepared in a variety of ways from authentic mesquite broiled, to sauteed, roasted, baked, and pan or deep-fried. One of their top-rated dishes is the Dungeness Crab and Prawns La Monza, fresh Dungeness Crab and jumbo Prawns baked in a casserole with parmesan cheese and served over rice with a light cream and mushroom sauce, celery, leeks, and paprika.

The local favorite, the Hangtown Fry, has been served since the restaurant first opened during the Gold Rush and is made with deep-fried oysters and bacon frittata. At the time, it was one of the most expensive meals in San Francisco and ordered by miners who struck it rich. Tadich Grill old-timers also appreciate their Pan-Fried Sand Dabs with fresh, small wild Sole, which are lightly Panko breaded and grilled to a golden brown then finished with a simple white wine butter sauce.

Management continues the rich traditions to this day and ensures their staff reflects the rich heritage of the restaurant. Waiters are required to remember names and bartenders encouraged to recall how one prefers their martini.

Old school is the norm at Tadich Grill

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Tadich Grill

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