Sunrise Peak

Sunrise Peak Arizona 85941

Hiking in Phoenix/Sunrise Peak
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Sunrise Peak

When you reach the summit at Sunrise Peak, you'll have vantage points for several peaks and ranges including 4 Peaks Wilderness, Camelback, McDowell range, Fountain Hills, South Mountain, and Superstition Wilderness. The views alone should be worth the hike, but in case they're not, you'll find the varying grade of the trails to be exhilarating and challenging all along the way. The trailhead pushes into the lower canyon, with switchbacks and a steady hike upward for a great cardio workout.

At 1.2 miles along the trail, you'll reach a well-marked vantage point. It's recommended you take a breather here because the climb intensifies as you head into the upper canyon. The view improves as you do this, entering into the mountainous interior.

The entire trail is 4+ miles long with an 1150-foot elevation gain. While this isn't the toughest trail in the world by a long shot, it's still going to be best for folks who've got some experience in hill country. As always, pack plenty of water, a few snacks, and be prepared for emergencies with a flashlight, sunscreen, hat, and pocketknife.

Climb to the Top of Sunrise Mountain

Hiking in Phoenix

Sunrise Peak

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