Su'ao Cold Spring Park

Suao Cold Spring Park No. 6之4

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Su'ao Cold Spring Park

Natural cold springs are one of a kind occurrences, and Taiwan boasts one of two cold springs in the world (the other is located in Italy). These rare cold springs require two key factors to form: abundant groundwater and carbonic acid. Discovered in 1928 by Japanese soldiers, Su'ao Cold Springs gets plenty of rainwater and is surrounded by thick layers of limestone and slate that contain minerals. The cold spring is a refreshing 22 degrees Celsius and carbonated by high levels of naturally occurring carbon dioxide. The resulting bubbles from the carbonation feel like one is soaking in a tub of soda. The initial plunge into the cold water may come as a shock but after a few minutes of adjusting to the temperature, it becomes less piercing and more relaxing. It is recommended to submerge up to waist level for three minutes before submerging up to the neckline. After five minutes, the body will be adjusted and start to feel warm.

The water is clear, odorless, and technically drinkable, though, in a public park; sanitation is questionable. Not only is a dip in Su'ao Cold Springs refreshing in the summer heat, but the cold temperature is actually healthy for the body. To name a few benefits, cold water is known to improve blood circulation, strengthen immunity, and increase energy and well-being. Many believe that the water can heal skin diseases and that ingesting it can cure intestinal illnesses.

Take a dip in a refreshing carbonated spring.

Post cover photo “Su-ao Cold Spring entrance monument” by Dental is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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Su'ao Cold Spring Park

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