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Stay Golden

The staff at Stay Golden treat all their creations with equal doses of love. In their eyes, coffee, cocktails, and food all deserve the same attention. It’s a true democracy in their kitchen, at their espresso machine, and while tumbling spirits. This commitment to consistent quality manifests in their service.

The team at Stay Golden brings a combined 30 years of experience in the coffee industry. Maybe they have learned some positive habits over the past three decades, like putting people first, for example. They understand that relationships are what matter in life, to fulfill a project like starting a business or growing that business into a successful venture that meets the needs of a community like Nashville. From their farmers to their customers, the Stay Golden team prioritizes the faces behind the titles to create the complex and satisfying flavors that the locals love so much.

Unlike some of the other coffee shops in the Nashville area, Stay Golden offers a full menu at both their Berry Hill and their East Side locations. They source as much of their food as possible from local farms and facilities, and although some of their vegan options are a bit limited, vegetarians will be pleased with their variety of animal-flesh-less choices. Foodie explorers will love the experimental blend of carbonation, coffee, and orange peel in their Matchless Coffee Soda; or the Tiki Shandy on a chilly fall evening when you might rather be in Kauai.

Want to know the best thing about Stay Golden, aside from their egalitarian philosophy? They actually live it! Everyone who signs up for their mailing list through the website gets a first cup of coffee on the house.

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Stay Golden

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