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Shopping in Houston/Space Montrose
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Space Montrose

To some people, there is nothing better than supporting local communities and their artists, This is one of the many reasons that you will want to be sure and check out Space Montrose. Every item that is sold at Space Montrose has been handcrafted from entrepreneurs all over the United States. Around 70% of those entrepreneurs are Texas-based​, so you know that here you are really helping to support the art community! Besides the fact that this store is known for selling handcrafted items, they also have a few items that people keep coming back for. One of which is their unique cards, some of which are made by the store’s founder and manager. These custom made cards are witty and simplistic.

If you are looking for some Texas flair to bring back home with you, look no further. Space Montrose has a variety of pins and stickers that work great as gifts for others or for yourself! You will find many Texas-shaped and Texas-themed​ items here that’ll you definitely want to grab. To make things even better, you will find that most things here are quite affordable. This means you can buy more than you could at a regular souvenir shop and get a better deal. You can find things such as shirts, embroidered items, jewelry, and even some items for kids. Husband and wife founders, Leila and Carlos Peraza, work hard to make sure that each and every thing that is sold comes from entrepreneurs who need your support to continue creating these amazing items. Their dedication to making this an interesting stop is obvious when you walk inside and see the layout of the store.

Many items from Space Montrose are also available online

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Shopping in Houston

Space Montrose

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