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The Best Museums in Houston/Space Center Houston
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Space Center Houston

The Space Center Houston is one of the top attractions in Houston for a reason. It does a great job of showing just how far technology has come and how space exploration continues to advance. Being able to be up close and personal with so many space artifacts is a real treat for anyone, especially those with interests in space and science. While there are many interactive features at the museum, perhaps one of the most interesting is the moon rock. In the middle of one of the rooms, you will find an actual moon rock that is mostly surrounded by glass. However, around the sides, there are openings that allow you to feel the artifact. Being able to touch something that is literally from “out of this world” is an experience to treasure.

At the museum, you will find replicas of spacecraft as well as actual pieces of space equipment that have been used throughout the years. One example is a piece of the Skylab, NASA's first space station. The Skylab broke apart as it was intended to during re-entry in July of 1979. Amazingly, a substantial piece survived the blazing hot temperatures and it is now on display in Houston! Also on display, you will find a spacesuit that was worn on the Moon by Charles Conrad Jr. Amazingly, the suit still has moon dust on it, as can be seen in the display. It gives you a chance to see just how bulky the suits have to be and how many details go into them to ensure the safety of astronauts.

An out-of-this-world experience

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The Best Museums in Houston

Space Center Houston

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