South Side Sculptures

The Bridgeport Art Center 1200 West 35th Street Chicago

Figures + Forms: Margot McMahon/South Side Sculptures
Margot McMahon
Written By Margot McMahon

Margot McMahon's sculptures tell a story of how living beings are all connected through nature.

Ecosystem No. 1

Ecosystem No. 1 invites passersby to share water in a powder-coated blue vessel. The sun lifts this water with a solar pump. The water’s path is indicated by the blue elements. Dancers on top spin in the wind to distribute the water onto a sedum garden in a sage-colored basket. If people, the sun and wind work together, the garden will grow.


Flock is a dozen songbirds carved from a condemned ash tree and installed in a diseased elm. It is carved with support from the Chicago Park District’s Tree Project to remind people to reduce their CO2 emissions. A lone screech owl rests on the elm’s branch overlooking Lake Shore Drive at 63rd Street. That owls attack songbirds and songbirds attack owls is an underlying tension in this peaceful scene. The dialogue of birds interacts within the devastation of the trees to draw attention to the 120,000 trees being removed due to disease and climate change.


Formation is a sculpture of a father conversing with a child supported on his knee in Margot’s interpretation of a rock form. The active, small child is raised on his knee to speak on equal terms with a huge, powerful and kneeling father. A tender, loving and trusting emotion is evoked from this monumental concrete sculpture. The sculpture is installed on a raised hill in the center of an ice rink in Irwin Park in Homewood, Il. This sculpture can be climbed on as it pays tribute to fathers who take their children to the park.

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Figures + Forms: Margot McMahon

South Side Sculptures

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