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Societe Brewing Company


Founded in 2012, Societe Brewing has grown into a favorite of beer purists and craft brewers alike. The brewery specializes in aromatic, highly-flavorful “San Diego-style” IPAs (bone dry and extremely hoppy), traditional lagers and Belgian-style beers, an array of dark beers and a line of barrel-aged “Feral” (wild) ales, all of which are available at its roomy, comfy tasting room seven-days-a-week.

Societe’s beers have won many, high ratings, and industry and media accolades. Its IPA, The Pupil, has been named the best IPA in San Diego and medaled at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Its session IPA, The Coachman, has won gold at GABF two of the last four years (2015, 2018). Several of its Feral ales have been named best-of by beverage publications while its wine-grape-infused, wine-barrel-aged beer, The Thief, took gold at the most prestigious of brewing competitions, the World Beer Cup.

Societe Brewing was built on the principles of high-quality ales and lagers built to advance beer’s reputation and place in the modern world while remaining true to its Old World roots and utilizing New World techniques and innovations. The close-knit team behind this enterprise aims to strip away all barriers to beer enjoyment and, in the process, start and perpetuate meaningful conversations.

Visiting the Brewery

Societe has a tasting room open from 12–9pm during the week and 12–10pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Public brewery tours are given on Saturdays at 2pm and 4pm. Tours are first-come. first-served, so make sure not to arrive late!

Societe also holds special events such as "metal yoga," which combines rock music with an ancient tradition. Why not experience the best of both worlds and then enjoy a nice, cold beer?

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Societe Brewing Company

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