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Looking for something different this summer? Why not fast-forward to winter? SNÖBAHN offers the ultimate winter experience without the cold weather or downtime spent waiting for a ski lift. The company gives indoor skiing and snowboarding lessons at an incredibly affordable price—much less than the price of a half-day lift ticket at many Colorado ski resorts. Don’t worry about snow gear—the price of a lesson includes all the equipment necessary.

Although you’re indoors, SNÖBAHN provides an experience very similar to regular skiing. Both the angle and the speed of the Revolving Slopes are customized to fit your skill level, whether you picked up skis five years ago or a snowboard yesterday. The slopes have a special snow-like surface that keeps moving towards the skier or snowboarder like a treadmill. With its continuous motion, a one half-hour lesson of continuous indoor skiing or snowboarding is the equivalent of skiing a distance of over 20,000 vertical feet.

Classes include one or two students with an experienced instructor who can provide instant feedback. Citing that many people don’t ski or snowboard because they don’t have anyone to accompany them, the company is committed to bringing together people of all ages and skills around a love for the sport or interest in trying something new.

Learn what Olympic Gold medalist Bode Miller thinks about the indoor skiing experience in the video below:

After your time enjoying the slopes, you can enjoy the SNÖBAR, a lounge area with coffee, beer and wine, food, and WiFi, before heading back out into sunny Denver.

How the indoor slopes work at SNÖBAHN

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