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Skydiving is something that everyone should try at least once in their life. So why not do it at the World’s Largest Skydiving Resort?

That’s right, Skydive Chicago is the largest in the world, and has even hosted the Parachuting World Championships FAI Mondial 2016. With over 220 acres of land, they have something for everyone. If you feel like jumping out of an airplane, you can book a first-time jump, group jumps, or if you’re a seasoned pro you can purchase jump packages as long as you are a USPA ‘A’ license holder. Even if you don’t have the stomach to freefall, you can always wait for your friends or family at the Eat Up Café. Skydive Chicago also offers cabins, campgrounds, and RV slots for jumpers who want to make a weekend out of the thrilling experience. Once you step out of the airplane that hikes you up to about 13,000 feet, jumpers free fall for 60 seconds and can get to speeds of up to 120mph while careening to the ground. Once close enough to the ground, the experienced instructor will pull the cord and then jumpers can enjoy the 5-7 minute flight back to solid ground. But, don’t forget to enjoy the views on the way down!

If you really love the idea of falling from the sky and have done at least 2 tandem jumps, Skydive Chicago also offers the AFP program. AFP stands for Advanced Freefall Program that takes you through the different levels of skydiving. This 8 hour in-depth class is not for the faint of heart, as you learn everything from jumping unassisted to barrel rolls and 360 degree turns.

Explore what Skydive Chicago has to offer!

cover photo by Willy Ramos via Flickr

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