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At the grand opening of Scholz Garten in 1866, August Scholz offered free beer, a huge cast of singers and various bands to his new customers.

This site has been the continuous meeting place of Texans from all walks of life . . . pioneers, Texas legislators, writers, students at the University of Texas, businessmen, and dignitaries.

The founder and first owner of Scholz Garten, August Scholz, was a German immigrant, born in 1825, who shortly after emigrating to Texas found himself embroiled in the issues of the Civil War. He entered the conflict on the side of the Confederacy and served under Captain H. Willke until the war ended in 1865.

It was then that he decided to open a tavern in Austin.

Scholz's Hall, as it was then called, became famous for concerts, dances, and social functions in subsequent years. Before Scholz passed away in 1891, he turned the Garten over to his stepson, Theodor Reisner, who ran the business for two years before selling it to Edwin Lemp. Mr. Lemp operated "Lemp Brewery" on the property.

Today the enterprise he started is known as Falstaff Brewing Company.

The Austin Sängerrunde, a German singing group, has been meeting at Scholz since 1879. It is the present owner of the property. The Sängerrunde also operates a bowling alley on the property, and holds dances often throughout the year for its members and guests. It is the oldest ethnic organization in Austin.

The Scholz Garten is a City of Austin landmark, designated an RTHL, and is listed in the National Register. The Scholz Garten is still a tavern today, with sports viewing and German food.

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Sholz Garden

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