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For a musician or instrument enthusiast, there is no better place to visit while in Chicago than the Chicago Music Exchange. With thousands of instruments, amps, speakers, and more on display, you'll become a kid in a candy store. Head downstairs to "The Bassement," and ask to see a Serek Bass for the next installment of Made in Chicago.

Serek Basses is a one-man bass building operation founded by Jake Serek. He has built custom bass guitars for musicians here in Chicago and around the world. Each bass guitar takes four weeks to build from scratch and is completely customizable to the player's preference.

Jake has been playing bass for 15 years and even toured with bands such as the Smashing Pumpkins, Kiss, and Slash. He started making instruments as a hobby, in 2016 he sold over two dozen instruments and decided to pursue Serek Basses full time.

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Each different style of bass he makes has a nod to Chicago. The Armitage and Sacramento basses are named after city streets while the Midwestern refers to Chicago's Midwest location.

Making an instrument from scratch is no small endeavor. For a detailed look at how a Serek Bass is made, watch the video below.

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