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Great Lakes Science Center, home of the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, makes science, technology, engineering & math come alive! #StayCuriousCLE

MAKE SCIENCE COME ALIVE! Have you ever wondered: How does that work? Why did it do that? What would happen if I changed it? These are the questions asked by scientists as they explore the world around us. Here’s your chance to meet your inner scientist as you explore electricity and magnetism; light and optics; motion and mechanics; sound and resonance; and more.

Exhibit Includes

BRIDGE OF FIRE: Climb onto the Bridge of Fire and see your hair stand on end!

PLASMA BALL: Use your fingertips to make light dance under a plasma ball.

STRANGE ATTRACTIONS: The closer magnets are to each other, the the stronger the force between them! Can you manipulate the magnets and predict where the pendulum will go?

HEXAGON MARBLES: No matter how many times you try, the balls will alwyas settle to the bottom in a hexagonal pattern. Why is this?

ELLIPTICAL POOL TABLE: Can you figure out why the ball almost always rolls to the same place? Hint - it has something to do with the shape of the table!

CHAOTIC PENDULUM: This pendulum has smaller pendulums attached to its arm. Each pendulum affects the motion of the others. The resulting motion is appears unpredictable - and it is!

Great Lakes Science Center

Science Phenomena

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