Schneider Harness and Confectionery

206 N Center Ave Hardin

Hardin Historic Commercial District/Schneider Harness and Confectionery
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Charles and Rushann Schneider built this two-story brick business block in 1910. Anticipating the arrival of electricity by four years, the Schneiders had their building wired during its construction. The exterior’s relative simplicity reflects the styles of the day. Simple brick bands adorn the building’s façade, whose main decoration is a denticulated cornice. (The term “denticulated” comes from the Latin word dentil, meaning teeth.)

In 1910, the Schneiders lived upstairs. The first floor housed both Charles’ harness shop and Rushann’s confectionery. The popular Hardin couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary in 1913 by inviting all their friends to the store for refreshments. The confectionery, which boasted a soda fountain, proved the more successful and longer lasting of the two businesses.

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In 1918, only four years after expanding the building, Charles closed his harness shop to help Rushann with the confectionery. Perhaps the growing popularity of tractors and automobiles influenced his decision. Charles died in 1945. The next year, Rushann moved to her daughter’s home in Forsyth, closing the successful thirty-six-year business

Cover image: Fredric L. Quivik via Official records of the Montana State Historic Preservation Office, Helena, Montana

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