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Santa Fe Depot San Diego

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Santa Fe Depot

Officially opened in 1915 as part of the city’s development, The Santa Fe Depot has been a major transportation center. The complex was designed by the architects Bakewell and Brown as a monumental reminder of California’s Spanish heritage. The cost of the station was about $300,000. Over the years, there have been multiple renovations that led to the demolition of the original forecourt in order to build a parking lot.

Check out this video that shows the architecture of the Sante Fe Depot:

Twin campaniles with a colorful tile-covered dome at the entrance are a key signature of the building. The interior of the space with redwood ceilings and bright ceramic walls is also essential to understand the history behind. There are tours held that explain how the railroad opened an opportunity for development since it connected different areas of California, promoting commerce and tourism as well.

Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, Santa Fe Depot is a great place to visit because it has been responsible for the transportation of locals and tourists for nearly three decades. Currently, it hosts a variety of buses, light rail, and commuter rail services. For the most part, the structure has kept its original features, including the “Santa Fe” sign. Make sure to dedicate some time to tour this wonderful landmark that will help you understand how transportation can change cities.

Information sourced from Wikipedia. Cover Picture courtesy of Tristan Loper on Wikipedia. Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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Santa Fe Depot

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