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After different attempts to convince the U.S. Navy to build a bridge that connected San Diego and Coronado, a final agreement happened in 1964. Since ships needed clearance to sail underneath the construction, the bridge had to take a slight curve path that wouldn’t interrupt commerce and transportation. About five years after the agreement, this bridge opened to traffic, at the same time that San Diego celebrated its 200th anniversary of founding.

Check out this aerial video that has a great view of the bridge:

With five lanes (two eastbound, two westbound and one changing in response to traffic), the San Diego-Coronado Bridge was the longest bridge in the United States when it was completed. There is no toll fee, which makes the experience even better. For free, you will be able to have a wonderful sight with an endless ocean and ships sailing across as well as the largest collection of Chicano art murals in the world. No matter which direction you go, you will be surprised by this large construction. Make sure to use traffic apps like Waze to be able to plan your day and not be stuck in the middle of a thousand cars. Also, a tip to catch the best view is at night because the bridge lighting will give a wonderful atmosphere with its reflection on the water.

Information sourced from Wikipedia. Cover Picture Courtesy of Frank Mckenna on Wikipedia. CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

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San Diego Architecture Tour

San Diego-Coronado Bridge

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