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Ristretto Roasters

Ristretto Roasters is a coffee shop that produces handcrafted coffees and it currently has three locations: Koin Tower, N Williams, and NE Coach. They offer five blends: Beaumont, Cowboy, Midnight Cowboy, Nightfall, and sugar, suitable for every brewing method. Their offerings change with the seasons and they work directly with coffee markers in Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Colombia. You can find their coffees in their three locations but also in some restaurants, local cafes and markets.

The atmosphere here is very calm and relaxing. The high ceiling makes the place feel big and bright. You can either bring a book or your computer and sit down on the comfy couches and have a great time. Good thing this place doesn't get too noisy even when it is busy so you can focus on what you are doing. Just make sure to pay attention to the decoration- you will find painting on the walls of different new artists. And if art is what you are interested in, you will definitely find creativity on all the products, especially on the latte art- often with two designs in one foamy, frothy creation.

Check out this video to learn more about Ristretto Roasters:

And if you want to add something to your coffee experience, the pastries are always great options. There is a wide variety of them and you can choose between the blueberry muffin, pumpkin, apple glazed pie, donuts, and peanut butter-chocolate cookies. Sometimes, there are small samples that you can try so you can make your best choice.

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Coffee Shops in Portland

Ristretto Roasters

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