Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

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Outdoor Adventure in Las Vegas/Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The Red Rock Canyon lies about 15 miles west of Las Vegas. The Conservation Area is so close to the Las Vegas Strip that its towering sandstone peaks can be seen from the city center. If you’re looking to take a break from the chaos of the Las Vegas strip, then the Red Rock Canyon may offer relief for an overstimulated spirit. The canyon lies only 20 miles from downtown, but it feels like you've stepped foot in a different world.

What to Expect

Many tourists appreciate that there are several ways to explore the Red Rock Canyon. First, visitors can drive the breathtaking 12.5-mile scenic route that navigates through the park. Stopping at the scenic overlooks extends the course to 13 miles. The road makes for a remarkable and memorable drive. Cyclists can choose to ride a bike to access all of the countless overlooks and trails. However, one of the best ways to tour the canyon is on foot, allowing you to access some of the canyon’s many trailheads and other natural attractions.

One of the most significant landmarks is Mount Wilson, a 7,068-foot sandstone mountain. Other highlights include natural bridges, arches, and limestone cliffs peppered with ancient prehistoric fossils. The below video offers a 90-second glimpse of the stunning views and natural wonders that can be discovered in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area:

Visitor Information

There is a per-vehicle admission fee upon entering the park. Make sure to stop at the visitor center to pick up trail maps, free guides, and lists of local wildlife, flora, and fauna.

The visitor center also features many interesting exhibits that summarize the history of the canyon. Park rangers provide guided tours and hikes, which are arranged by the Audubon Society and Sierra Club. To organize a guided tour, or to plan your visit, tap on the link below.

What's at the Red Rock Canyon?

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Outdoor Adventure in Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

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