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Theater Tour: Philadelphia/Quintessence Theatre
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Quintessence Theatre

Quintessence Theatre Group was created in 2010 by Alexander Burns and a group of artists keen on establishing a classic repertory theatre in Philadelphia. In the repertory model, a resident acting company and creative team present a specified repertoire of work. The Quintessence Theatre Group is dedicated to adapting and performing classic literature and drama for the contemporary stage. Over the course of nine seasons, the Quintessence Theatre Group has presented 39 professional, full production plays, including 14 productions in repertory. The group's approach to theatre has attracted nationally recognized and local artists alike who are seeking the challenge and innovation of a Quintessence production.

The theatre takes it's name from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Quintessence emanates the Elizabethan concept of the word - the fifth element, that of the the heavens and soul, and the purest nature of a substance. The Quintessence is in residence at the historic Sedgwick Theater.

Inspired by Shakespeare.

Post cover photo Creative Commons “The Quintessence of Theater” by Victor Nelhiebel is licensed under CC2.0 CTA photo Creative Commons “Quintessence X” by Quintessence Theatre is licensed under CC2.0

Theater Tour: Philadelphia

Quintessence Theatre

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