"Purple Rain" meets "When Doves Cry"

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Public Art Tour of Minneapolis/"Purple Rain" meets "When Doves Cry"
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Keeping the Memory Alive in Paisley Park

Chanhassen, Minnesota, is home to Paisley Park Records, a label that the artist Prince launched in 1985 after release of the film and album Purple Rain. When the label folded in 1994, Prince continued to live and work out of Paisley Park. He had intended to establish the area as a public venue like Graceland, but that plan was cut short when he passed away in April of 2016.

Paisley Park is now home to a museum of artifacts, artwork, rare music, and production equipment. The 65,000 square foot complex evolved into a celebration of an artist who had inspired so many lives with his music, including the New Zealand artist Graham Hoete. Graham, also called “Mr. G” arrived in Minnesota from Sydney, Australia, to gift a mural of Prince to the Chanhassen residents.

"Purple Rain" Meets "When Doves Cry"

When Mr. G heard of Prince’s passing, he painted a Prince portrait in Sydney and posted the image to Facebook. It immediately went viral, and he was invited to create a similar piece on the Market Street side of the Chanhassen Cinema. In an article posted on the KARE 11 website, Mr. G reflects on his grief over the artist’s death. “I was brought up on his music. For me, this is my way of paying tribute to his life’s work. It’s really an honor for me to do this in his hometown.”

The mural is painted using only the color purple. It combines the two themes of Purple Rain, and When Doves Cry. Prince is bathed in purple while white doves circle his face. He gazes at the audience with a look of playful wisdom, and rain falls onto his black hair. It is a simple yet enchanting memory of a man who ignited a passion that will not be easily replaced or forgotten. The YouTube video below shows Mr. G completing his work of art.

Prince’s Paisley Park is now accepting reservations for private and public tours through November 30, 2019. Tickets are only available through online reservation in advance, and will not be sold at the door. The 70-minute tour includes Prince’s recording studio, the concert hall where he rehearsed, and his private NPG music club.

Cover image "Mr G Mural for Prince" by Femke Niehof via Flickr is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Public Art Tour of Minneapolis

"Purple Rain" meets "When Doves Cry"

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