Pula Amphitheater

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Pula Amphitheater

Pula was an important outlying city during the later period of the Roman Empire. The city's most impressive sight is the Pula Arena. Constructed in the 1st century, it is the only Roman amphitheater in the world that retained its complete circular shape. The structure is entirely made from local limestone. During the height of its use, The Arena was capable of hosting 20,000 spectators for gladiator battles and chariot races. Today, it is used for concerts, film festivals, and gladiator reenactments. Tours are offered daily.

While in Pula, be sure to explore the other ancient sites that are located in the Roman Forum. The Temple of Augustus is an impressive monument dedicated to the first Roman emperor, Augustus. Historians believe that the temple was probably built sometime during his lifetime between 27 BC to AD 14. Sadly, the temple was badly destroyed in WWII and had to be reconstructed. It now houses the Pula Museum of Archaeology. The Arch of Sergius and "The Punishment of Dirce" Roman mosaic floor are two other significant sights to see. Pula is one of Croatia's most Instagrammable destinations. Cover image courtesy of Pixabay.

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Pula Amphitheater

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