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Alexandria's Civil War Hospitals/Prince Street Hospitals
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Originally, Rev. James T. Johnston, the rector of St. Paul’s Church, built this as his private residence in the 1850s. Johnson, like many other Alexandrians, moved to Richmond during the war. His home became a branch hospital in 1862 together with the Fowle (Powell) house on the opposite sides of Prince St. An article in the Alexandria Gazette, May 20, 1864, described the Prince Street Hospital and a nearby garden used by the soldiers.

"The house is commodious, and, for a confiscated dwelling, is very fine.... Almost opposite this Prince-street Hospital lies a mansion and garden… The garden is a beautiful and spacious garden, affording a delightful place of repose to those who have tasted the dangers and distress of the battlefields and have experienced all the unutterable pangs that even under the most favorable circumstances beset hospital life. "

In 1884, the building became the hall of the Robert E. Lee Camp of Confederate Veterans, and it is now the Robert E. Lee Camp Hall Museum

The Fowle (Powell) Hospital - 811 Prince

The Fowle Hospital (sometimes misspelled as Powell in contemporary documents) was located in an 3-story (unusual for the area) masonry home at 811 Prince Street. As a hospital, it was considered part of the Prince Street Hospital on the opposite side of the street. The house was built in 1854, and purchased by a prominent Alexandria merchant, William J. Fowle in 1855. Fowle went with his family to Richmond as the conflict began, and his son, William H Fowle, III, enlisted in the Confederate army. He sued for the return of his home, but died before what was ultimately a successful court decision. Since that time, it has been a private residence for several families including a number of doctors.

The Prince Street Hospital (806 & 811 Prince St.)
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Alexandria's Civil War Hospitals

Prince Street Hospitals

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