Pre-European History and Incorporation

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History of Orlando/Pre-European History and Incorporation
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Pre-European History and Incorporation

The Treaty of Moultrie Creek created in 1823 a Seminole reservation across central Florida, including the area which would become Orlando. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 authorized to relocate the Seminole from Florida to Oklahoma, leading to the Second Seminole War. White settlement in the area was encouraged in 1842 by the Armed Occupation Act.

After Mosquito County was divided in 1845, Fort Gatlin became the county seat of Orange County in 1856. It remained a rural backwater during the Civil War and suffered during the Union blockade. The Reconstruction Era brought on a population explosion that ended with the incorporation of the Town of Orlando in 1875 with 85 residents. Orlando was finally established as a city in 1885. The period between 1875 and 1895 is known as Orlando's Golden Era when it became the center of Florida's citrus industry. The period ended with the Great Freeze of 1894–95 that forced owners to give up their independent citrus groves, giving the power to few "citrus barons". The freeze forces many people to move to the North, the Caribbean or to California.

The Curry family were notable homesteaders in the area. Their property was in front of Econlockhatchee River, where travelers crossed by fording. This would be commemorated by the street's name, Curry Ford Road. Also, just south of the Orlando International Airport in the Boggy Creek area, there is the homesteaded property of the Ward family. They still own it and it can be seen from southbound flights out of Orlando International Airport.

Information sourced from Wikipedia. Cover Picture by Ebyabe on Wikipedia under license: Attribution 2.5 Generic (CC BY 2.5)

History of Orlando

Pre-European History and Incorporation

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