Power to the People

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Murals in the Chicago Loop/Power to the People
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Power to the People

According to the artist's description, this mural highlights women in the trade industry. In some places, women are still far from reaching the full benefits that trade work could bring. Women often receive less pay than men for the same work and their access to higher quality employment opportunities remain restricted. Women entrepreneurs, particularly in developing countries, face a number of legal and cultural barriers, which prevent them from participating in trade, entering the work force, and setting up a business. This mural uses an African American woman as the main figure and a group of complementary colors, orange and blue, as the background. There is a plug at the end of the long cord. Literally, the artist expresses, “Women hold power,” emphasizing not only African American women, but also all women in the trade industry.

The Artist

Sam Kirk was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Because Sam moved many times during her childhood, she enjoyed exploring new neighborhoods and observing cultures. Working class communities continue to be her key ingredient of inspiration. She continues to sharing her experiences through art.

Murals in the Chicago Loop

Power to the People

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