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Port Brewing Co.

Two Breweries in One

Port Brewing is unique in that it actually has two brands in one brewery: The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing. Like Chevrolet and Cadillac, or Taco Bell and KFC, both are produced by the same company but targeted for different markets.

The American / West Coast-style beers are packaged in 22-ounce bottles and released under the Port Brewing label. On the other hand, Belgian-inspired and premium beers are packaged in 375ml or 750ml corked bottles and released under the Lost Abbey label. Either way, they’re all produced in the same brewery by the same staff.

Visiting the Brewery

If you want to pay a visit to Port Brewing, you're going to want to head to north county San Diego. It's a bit out of the way if you're staying in downtown San Diego, but spending a day in north county is definitely worth it. After tasting a few beers, you can head west to towns like Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Del Mar. There's nothing better than watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

The brewery tasting room has variable hours, so you'll want to check the schedule beforehand. It opens as early as 11:30am on Saturdays to as late as 1:00pm on weekdays. It closes as early as 5:00pm on Mondays and as late as 9:00pm on Fridays. Just be sure to plan ahead!

Regarding brewery tours, they recommend three local firms: Brew Hop San Diego, Brewery Tours of San Diego and Scavengers Beer & Adventures Tour. Each of these tours provides works with Port Brewing and, according to Port, has excellent service. If you have a group of over 15 people, they ask that you let them know a week in advance that you plan to visit.

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Port Brewing Co.

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