Pike Place Starbucks (The Original)

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Getting to Know the Seattle Skyline/Pike Place Starbucks (The Original)
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Starbucks's Home: Pike Place Market

Do you like coffee? Seattle is widely thought of as one of the coffee capitals of the world, and Starbucks is its crown jewel. Take a trip to Pike Place Market to see where it all began.

Pike Place Market is actually Seattle's most popular tourist destination, with over 100 million people visiting every year.

Pike Place is one of the oldest farmers markets in the United States. It was originally opened in 1907 and features merchants of all kinds. Perhaps you've seen videos of people throwing fish around Seattle. This is where that happens.

The Story of Starbucks

The original Starbucks has its home in Pike Place Market. It opened its doors in 1971 and has become one of the largest foodservice companies in the world.

Many people think that Howard Schultz (now a billionaire) founded Starbucks, but that's actually a myth! Schultz bought Starbucks in 1987 for $3.8 million. At that time, the franchise had six locations.

Since then, Starbucks has become a massive company with cultural significance. In fact, the original store is subject to legal guidelines which limit the renovation of the facade. It's considered historically significant.

The Coffee Shop

The original store has retained much of its character over the years. It has classic lighting, floors, and furniture. Interestingly, there are many elements of the store which have been recycled.

For example, (1) the partitions in the restrooms were made from recycled laundry detergent bottles, (2) the tapestry on the wall was made using reused coffee bean bags, and (3) the leather used on the coffee bar was actually unwanted scrap from shoe and car factories.

Recycling is very much in the spirit of Seattle, so the original Starbucks fits right in. If you want to see where once of the most iconic Seattle brands got started, head to Pike Place Market!

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Getting to Know the Seattle Skyline

Pike Place Starbucks (The Original)

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