Philosophy of the Spiritual

75th Street and Vernon Ave. Chicago

Lost Murals of Chicago/Philosophy of the Spiritual
Rebecca Zorach
Written By Rebecca Zorach

Rebecca Zorach teaches and writes on early modern European art (15th-17th century), contemporary activist art, and art of the 1960s and 1970s at Northwestern University. Particular interests include print media, feminist and queer theory, theory of representation, ​​and the multiple intersections of art and politics.

Another mural produced by the team of Caton and Webber, Philosophy of the Spiritual took its name from the 1971 jazz album by bassist Richard Davis. The mural was once painted at the intersection of 75th St. and Vernon Ave. on the south side of 75th St.

It depicted cult figures like Sun Ra—with a policeman’s gun pointing at him—and KeRa Upra, a street corner prophet, musician, and artist. The mural also took on challenging issues like sickle cell anemia and poverty. Alongside the powerful imagery, Webber painted a long poem entitled “Run to the Sun.”

Philosophy of the Spiritual was created in 1972 and destroyed in 1973.

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Lost Murals of Chicago

Philosophy of the Spiritual

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