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Perly's Restaurant and Delicatessen

Frontier Forerunner

Perly's Restaurant and Delicatessen, or Perly's, sliced away its competition long ago. Recently named one of the "Best Jewish Delis in America", this place is a definite must for lunch (Or breakfast. Or dinner) while in Richmond. Schlep on over and experience why this restaurant has had such a long shelf life.

The Perly's of today is a modern version of the Perly's that was established in the 60s. Back then, it was a true-to-its-roots delicatessen owned and operated by a Jewish family, the Perlstein's. The deli closed in 2013 and reopened the following year under new owners with a not-exactly-kosher, but supremely delicious menu. The renovations upgraded the old space but managed to keep the charm and spirit of it. Alive and well is the feeling you receive visiting the neighborhood deli for a bagel and schmear or a pound of meats for the lunch pail.

The Menu

Perusing the menu is a journey through some of the great deli classics. Be sure to try the matzo ball soup. All those who've tried it agree that it is some of the best. Tasting it, you'll think someone's Bubbeh is in the kitchen whipping up a fresh batch for you personally. It's THAT good! The rest of the menu has Jewish staples like potato latkes, borscht, knish, rye and pumpernickel bread, and a host of other mouth-watering choices.

Perly's Restaurant and Delicatessen is gaining nationwide attention and once you visit, you'll see just why. Include this tasty destination on your itinerary and become a part of the history of Richmond.

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Perly's Deli

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