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Peaks & Pines Quilt Guild

OUR STORY As told by Clare Beth Rutila Linda Carlson and I were invited to do a presentation in September 2009 for the Estes Valley Quilt Guild in Estes Park. Our talk was on the Irish Chain block and its variations. We invited Marianne Hayes along as our chauffeur. On the drive home that night over Trail Ridge Road, Marianne asked the question “What is a guild?” There are many pieces to that question; the primary answer became “This is what we are missing.” We had our quilt shops, we had our quilt friends … the position that a guild fills was vacant. For nine months we pondered the ‘how’ of getting a Grand County guild started. Where? Granby was the most central location. When? The second Thursday evening of the month seemed least affected by holidays and such. An ad went in the paper and flyers up around the county. Who would show up? Linda, Marianne and I committed to six months regardless. The first meeting, Thursday, June 10, 2010, had over 20 in attendance. Why a Guild? One definition is “an association of people for the pursuit of a common goal”. Synonyms would be society, union, league, fellowship, club, lodge, etc. Guild happens to be the label commonly given to quilt groups that have an organizational structure, are open to all, not business connected and have a stated purpose. Peaks ‘n Pines Quilt Guild, the name chosen at one of our early meetings, became incorporated as a Colorado non-profit on February 1, 2011. Through this incorporation we became a legitimate, inclusive, educational non-profit under Colorado law with elected officers, by-laws and procedures. We can enter into contracts as an organization. We can eventually qualify to obtain a Colorado raffle license On November 26, 2012 Peaks ‘n Pines Quilt Guild, Inc. obtained our official status as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are deductible, we are qualified to receive bequests and we do not pay taxes. Many foundations and organizations require this status as a prerequisite for grants.

Granby Quilt Trail

Peaks & Pines Quilt Guild

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