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An Unexpected Treat at an Already Great Restaurant

Located in several locations throughout the city, Pasta and Provisions is a mainstay among Charlottes restaurants. For twenty-six years they have been providing the city with not only great pasta dishes but also one of the best sources of genuine Italian ingredients you can get outside of the country itself. You would be forgiven for not associating the Charlotte establishment Pasta and Provisions with sandwiches. Nothing in their namesake would suggest that they offer much in that department. However, located within this combination pasta restaurant and Italian grocer is one of the best-kept secrets in the Charlotte food scene, the sandwich known as The Royal. Consisting of seared sausage patty, capicola, provolone, oil & vinegar, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, on a hoagie roll, this sandwich lives up to the quality its name implies. To complement this meal, you can also order chips or a side salad with your order.

As mentioned above, in addition to being a restaurant, Pasta and Provisions also offers a very wide variety of authentic Italian ingredients and other goods so you can use them in your cooking. These range from several varieties of olive oil, puttanesca made with anchovies and chopped tomatoes, Italian clams, and boxes of dry pasta. These are imported from every corner of Italy, ensuring that regional differences in cuisine are represented and available for you to enjoy. Of course, no Italian grocer would be complete without a large selection of wines. On certain days they even host wine tastings. There's so much to enjoy at Pasta and Provisions but you just can't go wrong with The Royal sandwich.

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Best Sandwiches in Charlotte

Pasta and Provisions

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