Palm Beach Museum of Natural History

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Museum of Natural History

Have you ever wanted to peer into the lives of prehistoric animals that used to roam the earth? At the Palm Beach Museum of Natural History, you'll find dinosaurs, fossils, birds, and more. There's even a skeleton of a triceratops!

In 2005 a group of paleontologists, archaeologists, and other science professionals came together to form the museum. Their mission is to collect evidence and explain all aspects of our natural world, the evolution of life, and the development of human cultures. Paleontologists from the museum continue working in the American West and still contribute new findings to the collection.

Get Hands-On

The museum offers many programs and workshops to the public. For example, they host a workshop on archaeology that helps you learn what it's like to be an archaeologist. They cover recognizing, excavating, and cleaning various artifacts. Perhaps it will convince you to go on a treasure hunt of your own someday.

Educational programs also include a special presentation on the Ice Age (including a replica of a saber-toothed cat), a program that tracks human development and evolution, and an exploration into the first humans to arrive in Florida. No matter which periods in our world's development you're interested in, you're sure to learn something new.

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The Palm Beach Museum of Natural history is open Monday–Saturday from 11:30am–7:30pm and Sunday from 12–6pm. If you have a large group, you can also call ahead to schedule a group tour.

Cover image by Fausto García is made available on Unsplash.

Must-See Museums in The Palm Beaches

Palm Beach Museum of Natural History

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