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Pallet Coffee Roasters

With a focus on specialty green coffee, Pallet Coffee Roasters offers beans from regions all around the globe, including Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Brazil. From pour-overs to drip coffee to handcrafted latte art, prepare to be blown away. Established in 2014, Pallet Coffee has built a coffee empire filled with a team of passionate coffee lovers who seek to educate, showcase, and inspire its customers.

Community-Minded Coffee

With an emphasis on the relationships that they build with farmers and producers, Pallet Coffee Roasters is determined to serve you the best quality cup of coffee. They source in-season coffee beans from outstanding producers across the globe. Once new coffee is introduced to the menu, it goes through a cupping and tasting process to ensure that it meets their high-quality standards. During the testing period, a team of experienced coffee lovers considers a few important elements: origin, varietal, and processing style, which illuminate the beans' natural flavors and unique qualities.

Food + Ambience

There's no surprise that with great quality coffee, comes quality food options. Pallet Coffee Roasters offers a full breakfast and lunch menu all day long, from build-your-own sandwiches to fresh house salads—all presented beautifully. They also have two separate menus for weekdays and weekends, with completely different options on each.

Cozy meets minimalism for a secret love affair at Pallet Coffee Roasters. It's spacious, with plenty of seats, a patio to enjoy your cuppa, and a bar to watch the team whip up some of Pallet Coffee's impeccable creations.

Have Breakfast or Lunch with Your Coffee at Pallet Coffee Roasters

Cover photo courtesy of Pallet Coffee Roasters, Vancouver, Canada.

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Pallet Coffee Roasters

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