Old Wall Street

26 Wall St New York

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Since 1916, the National Park Service has been entrusted with the care of our national parks. National Parks in New York City? Yes! There are 11 parks with a total of 23 different sites you can visit in all five boroughs and parts of New Jersey.

In Room 1, look for the large window. Here you can picture what Wall Street once looked like. Take a moment to block out the sounds of the city and imagine what this room sounded like in the early 1700s, without cars honking and the sounds of blaring sirens. Instead, you'd hear the clip-clop of horses galloping along cobblestones and the chiming of bells from the church that once stood alone on this street. Imagine what it would have been like to live in New York when Federal Hall was built. Think about what your occupation, place in society or home life might have been? Depending on occupation and status, the average New Yorker might have come to Federal Hall frequently or not at all, though thousands of New Yorkers would have passed by.

"No Taxation Without Representation!"

 It was here that in 1765, outraged representatives from nine colonies convened to oppose the Stamp Act. It was also here that Congress drew up the Declaration of Rights and Grievances to King George III, a precursor to the Declaration of Independence. 

In this room, there’s a replica of what the original Federal Hall looked and how it appeared after its initial renovation. The building has changed a great deal since being built to fit its purpose as a city hall, a courthouse, a meeting place for Congress, a customs house and treasury, and ultimately the memorial and museum it is today. 

Federal Hall National Memorial

Old Wall Street

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