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Make yourself at home and jump more than a century back in time at Ohio Village. Meet villagers with fascinating stories, tour the buildings and homes and try your hand at some 1890s activities. If a building is closed, feel free to peer in through the windows or past the gate. The next time you're in town, you may get a chance to chat with the residents who weren't home this time around.

On Your Visit See...

Town Hall: Used for lots of Ohio Village happenings, the Town Hall is also the center of entertainment in town! Act out scripts from shows, step up on the stage and give a speech or check out posters for traveling shows.

J. Holbrook, Photographer: Star in your own 1890s photo shoot, and see how you compare to photos from the time period. Use costumes and props to take photos and see how you look as an 1890s resident.

Barrington Bicycles: Step into our bike shop and learn about this popular 1890s activity. Have your picture taken on a high wheel bicycle and see what other things the shopkeeper is tinkering with.

Catch up with Ohio Village Residents: While in Ohio Village, stop by and chat with the town residents. See who is new to town, who has lived in town for a while, listen as they tell you what life was really like and get a sneak peek inside daily life.

Murphy’s Lodging House: A much-needed stopping place for weary travelers, Murphy’s Lodging House is a great place to put your feet up. Browse through magazines and check out items other worldly travelers have left behind.

Taylor House: Mrs. Taylor likes to keep a clean and orderly house, and certainly could use your help! Stop by the Taylor house to help with chores like pulling weeds, setting the table, dusting and sweeping. Every little bit helps!

Pavilion & Village Green: Enjoy old-fashioned games like stilts, and hoop and stick, or have a seat on one of the benches and take in the sites. Did you bring your lunch with you? Have your picnic on the green!

And much more!

Hours of Operation

Ohio Village is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m .– 5 p.m.

See what adventures await at Ohio Village!
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Ohio Village

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