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You'll laugh. You'll get a name tag that doesn't have your name on it. You might even cry. And you'll definitely have a raucous night you won't soon forget at the Neo-Futurists Theater.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, lines wrap around the outside of this 150-seat venue where everyone receives a fun plastic token to exchange for a ticket. The costs of admission is determined by the roll of a die, with prices topping out at $15. Once inside, patrons snake through a long hall full of presidential portraits, past the box office which is actually a kitchen. You'll probably be asked your name, but your name tag will read something entirely different, like "66 hair follicles."

Seen the show? Now take a class

Sound fun? It is. Since 1988, the hallmark of this experimental theater company has been doing thirty 2-minute plays in 60 minutes. Currently known as Infinite Wrench, these mini-performances are written and performed by company members as themselves, not characters. New material is constantly being developed, so each production is different. Responding to personal and political events, the whole gamut of emotions is evoked during each vignette. Beware: Sitting in the front row might get you sprayed with a hose, sat on or involved in the actual onstage excitement.

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Cover photo credit: theneofuturists via Instagram.

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Neo-Futurist Theater

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