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The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Opened in 1991, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is the world’s only museum showcasing the history of African-American baseball and its impact on society in America. The Negro Leagues were extremely active throughout the country, beginning in 1920 until the racial integration of Major League Baseball in the late 1940s led to the decline of the leagues just a few years after.

The museum does an admirable job of documenting the journey of African-American baseball players during an ugly time in American history. These leagues were established because racism prevented athletes of color to participate in Major League Baseball. The museum talks about these struggles but also celebrates the amazingly talented and resilient baseball players who deserve recognition.

Learn how the Negro Baseball Leagues Museum celebrates a story of passion and triumph in the short video below:

Inside the Museum

At the museum, visitors go through the timeline of the Negro Leagues through interactive exhibits. Here you can see artifacts such as the uniforms and gear of stars throughout the years and learn about what it was like for players to travel throughout the country at that time.

An impressive feature of the facility is the museum's "Field of Legends." At the end of a visit, guests can walk onto a field that is home to 12 bronze statues of Negro Leagues stars. In 2014, the NLBM established a "Hall of Game," which annually honors former Major League Baseball stars who competed with the same passion, determination, skill, and flair exhibited by the heroes of the Negro Leagues.

“These great athletes were thrilling to watch every time they took the field, and they played with the same spirit, passion, and style that made the Negro Leagues so exciting.”—Bob Kendrick, NLBM president in 2019

Additional Programs

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum also offers educational programs and resources to the public. These include an “e-museum,” an online portal for teachers to share information and lesson plans about the Negro Leagues in the classroom, as well as art and literacy programs for Kansas City youth. The museum gallery is open from Tuesday through Sunday. For an informative and important experience on history and race in America, take a trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

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Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

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