Nebraska "The Beef State"

The Beef State Ranches/Nebraska "The Beef State"
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Although Nebraska now sports the slogan, "the good life," from the 50's to the end of the 60's license plates in the midwestern state defined Nebraska as "The Beef State" and the reason is simple. From its very beginnings the single largest industry in Nebraska has been beef.

The cattle industry in Nebraska began in the mid 1800's when ranchers from the east realized the potential for cow grazing in the immense and unspoiled grassland of the area west of the Mississippi River. Although the land was rough and largely unsettled, by the 20th century a booming industry had developed.

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Today the beef industry in Nebraska is still kicking like crazy. The state is so proud of their cattle that some of its citizens have even petitioned to get the old beefy slogan back on their license plates.

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The Beef State Ranches

Nebraska "The Beef State"

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