National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum Shilin District

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National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum is considered to be the most significant museum in all of Taipei. Located in the Shilin District, the museum is set in lush surroundings and features a lovely garden park. The museum is celebrated for having the largest Chinese Imperial artifacts collection in the world, featuring over 700,000 historical pieces. A large portion of the artifacts originated from the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. The collection mainly consists of paintings, statues, ceramics, calligraphy, lacquerware, bronzes, and jade.

Spread over two exhibition halls and four floors, the museum's massive collection of artifacts are continuously rotated. The historical range of the museum is also very impressive. For example, the ceramics cover multiple dynasties, going back to the Neolithic period.

Visitor Information

Plan on allocating about two to four hours to tour the museum. The best day to visit is Monday when it's the least crowded. However, both Friday and Saturday nights are good alternatives. There are strict rules concerning video recording and photography. Therefore, visitors are not allowed to bring bags into the museum. However, onsite lockers are available to store your belongings. Make sure to take advantage of the free, guided English tours at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Each tour is only available to 15 people per group so make sure to register in person, about 30 minutes beforehand, or book a tour online in advance. In case you can’t make the tour, personal audio guides are also available for rent. Finally, the museum has two gift shops and a bookstore that’s worth exploring.

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National Palace Museum

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