NASA Glenn Visitor Center

601 Erieside Ave Cleveland

Great Lakes Science Center/NASA Glenn Visitor Center
Great Lakes Science Center
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Great Lakes Science Center, home of the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, makes science, technology, engineering & math come alive! #StayCuriousCLE

Welcome to the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, where you’ll find an awesome space experience with galleries, interactive exhibits, fascinating artifacts and amazing NASA media.

Living In Space Gallery

After astronauts get to space, how do they eat, sleep and go to the bathroom? Learn about day-to-day living on the International Space Station and find out how we’re preparing for longer space journeys to Mars and beyond! See how astronauts live and work on the International Space Station, take your photo in a space suit, examine the giant Mars airbag landing system tested by the NASA Glenn Research Center and more!

Explore Gallery

Explore the past, present and future of human space exploration and understand the challenges that humans have solved to travel to space, explore space and return to Earth safely. Look inside the actual 1973 Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module, experience a multi-media trip through landmark moments in space history, see artifacts from John Glenn’s February 20, 1962 Friendship 7 mission, check out a real moon rock and more!

Discover Gallery

Explore the underlying science and engineering principles that make major accomplishments in space and aeronautics possible! Enter the gallery through a replica of an immense test chamber door, experiment and test a pressurized bottle rocket, investigate how to power a space station and plan a space mission and more!

Great Lakes Science Center

NASA Glenn Visitor Center

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