Midnight Cowboy

131 E 6th St Austin

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If you are looking for an intimate and mysterious lounge, look no further than Midnight Cowboy. This reservation only speakeasy gives an old-world prohibition type feeling without the chances of being arrested. This establishment has a minimal presence on the internet, and this adds to the feeling of exclusivity and mystery. This is the place to enjoy some fancy cocktails and enjoy the company of the people you came with or to make new friends. When you are at the Midnight Cowboy, they try to make sure that every guest enjoys their time, so there are some house rules they enforce. For instance, catcalling is not allowed, and neither is rowdiness. This quiet bar is somewhat of an anomaly for 6th Street bars, because of the less inebriated and quieter atmosphere. A great place for people to sit and talk.

When you arrive at the address of the Midnight Cowboy, you are not in just yet. Even with a reservation. It looks like you are entering someone’s home, but after you ring Harry Craddock’s buzzer, you get welcomed into this elusive contemporary speakeasy.

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Cover photo courtesy of midnight.cowboy.bar via Instagram

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Midnight Cowboy

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