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Matchstick Coffee

Matchstick Coffee is dedicated to creating a community space where wholesome food and coffee can help bring people together. With the intention of creating coffee and edibles with patience and care, Spencer and Annie Viehweger founded this first location in 2012.

Lighting a Match

Matchstick Coffee strives to turn the regular act of grabbing a cup of coffee into something that feels more special. “Using a match to light a fire” is the symbol they chose to represent their journey, anticipating challenges yet still enjoying the warmth of the fire along the way. To ensure impeccable quality in all aspects of their operation, Matchstick roasts their own coffee, fosters relationships with people who grow green coffee, and supports (and serves) agriculture cultivated in the yards of their neighborhoods.

The Perfect Pairing

Matchstick Coffee believes that there is no better drink to share than coffee and no better representation of humanity than bread, which is why they put all their focus into a few staple items. All of the coffee is roasted in-house in small batches, and their food and pastries are carefully prepared to perfection. It's a slower, messier process, but to Matchstick Coffee—it's worth the effort.

Our company exists because we see purpose in getting our hands dirty, and because we believe that one minute longer doesn't have to mean one minute wasted. —Matchstick Coffee

They use little modern baking equipment to prepare their core style of bread—the rustic country loaf. Since the yeast culture they use is cultivated from wild yeasts present in the air around them, it requires a lot of time and attention. Unlike contemporary grocery store bread, their bread takes days to mature. The result? Exceptionally tasty bread.

Their buttery croissants are also worthy of attention. The breakfast and lunch menu is built around this signature bread and pastry, but you may prefer their rotating selection of muffins, scones, and cookies.

Did you know?

The space was originally one of Vancouver's first banks before Matchstick Coffee took ownership. The original vault door is still inside, try cracking the combination when you visit!

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Matchstick Coffee

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