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Invasive Species

“I started making functional birdhouses out of sticks and tree bark about 15 years ago. I have always had a strong connection to nature, and feel strongly about caring about the environment. For me, it was like hitting the Lotto to be awarded a tree as a part of the Chicago Tree Project,” Marc Schneider.
“Bessemer Park, the location of my tree, was picked by Chicago Sculpture International. I had worked in the area before, and was interested in making the connection to the site part of the piece. It’s close to the port of Chicago, (95th Street), and an old abandoned U.S. Steel facility on the lakefront, which is now mostly wide open space. Also, it is where the Asian Carp are working their way into the Great Lakes. That inspired me to make a giant fish and title it “Invasive Species.”
“To create my birdhouse, I would get truckloads of sticks from the city. I must have gone through ten loads of sticks and seven or eight truck loads of bark. Six weeks, and 6,000 nails later, my birdhouse was 13 feet long! I estimate that it weighs at least a ton, and should last five to ten years. I also like to give my birdhouses teeth to protect its inhabitants” - Marc Schneider.
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Chicago Tree Project

Marc Schneider

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