Manready Mercantile

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Shopping in Houston/Manready Mercantile
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Manready Mercantile

Although this store is known as Houston’s best retail store for men, there are plenty of items for everyone! Manready Mercantile focuses on making high-quality products and keeps​ over 100 brands in stock that include things such as clothing, boots, accessories, candles, and more. If you are interested in candles, you will want to check out the variety that is sold at this store. There is even the option to get candles custom made, which is always fun. The candles are made in reusable whiskey glasses to give them yet another unique touch. You will also find items such as whiskey-soaked beef jerky and unique vintage finds while browsing around the store.

Once in the store, the quality of​ the products is obvious. Each item sold here has been carefully crafted to ensure that they are durable. Manready Mercantile values honesty and hard work above all, and this is obvious when you begin shopping around the store. While in Houston, if you are looking for a general goods store that also has a variety of unique offerings and Texas charm, Manready Mercantile is for you! Be sure to allow yourself a couple of hours to check out all they have to offer. The owner, Travis Weaver, started his business by making candles in his apartment! He believes that this helps to prove that literally anyone can become an entrepreneur and start their own successful business. Originally, you could find a variety of apothecary goods which is what the store started out selling.

The custom candles are one of the most popular items in the store

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Shopping in Houston

Manready Mercantile

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