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Opened in 2009 and located on the lower level of The Rieger Hotel, Manifesto is an old-fashioned neighborhood bar that serves up a wide array of impressive cocktails. Patrons enter from the back entrance of the hotel and proceed down a steep staircase. If this remarkable entrance makes you feel like you’re entering an old speakeasy, that’s because you are.

With limited seating, it’s best to reserve a table in advance. Patrons are encouraged to stay off their phones and to relish in the old-time, nostalgic atmosphere.

Bar History

This backroom bar was built in 1915 during Prohibition and was visited by some very interesting characters, including notorious political boss Tom Pendergast and gangster Al Capone. When you combine the history of the location, the craftsmanship of the cocktails, and the overall ambiance, it’s easy to see why Esquire Magazine named it one of the “Best Bars in America.”

In the below clip, a Manifesto bartender shares his unique take on a classic Daiquiri:

What to Expect

Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in a cozy and warm setting. The bar gives off a timeless aesthetic, especially when lit by candlelight in the evening. Many locals share that it’s one of the best bars in Kansas City to enjoy an inventive cocktail. While Ryan Maybee, the owner of Manifesto, focuses on serving classic cocktails made to perfection, he also likes to add creative cocktails to the menu to keep things fresh.

There’s a large selection of shooters, including Jägermeister and other popular spirits. With the attitude of trying to keep things fun, Ryan adds seasonal specialties to the house mainstays.

Enjoy one of the best bars in America

Cover image by Ryan Tang is made available on Unsplash.

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