Making Architecture That Heals

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Activating Neglected Space/Making Architecture That Heals
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3D Design Studio: A I +P, Ltd.

How can you bring all the vitality and community of a thriving neighborhood business district under one roof? In the South Shore community, where solid housing stock is in strong supply, 3D Design Studio is imagining just that.

Making Architecture That Heals (MATH) presents a modest-sized commercial building where the first floor contains a retail shop that sells the products designed by the businesses located in office floors above; communal outdoor spaces can be activated with events in all seasons, bringing energy to the street, while collective spaces at the podium level house trainings on entrepreneurship and other activities to cultivate local business know-how.

Vacant lots and vacant buildings are the scars left by time and conditions that are destroying communities and sapping life from the people who live near them. The MATH Center provides an environment where business, learning, teaching and collaboration reactivate vacant space.

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Activating Neglected Space

Making Architecture That Heals

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