Major Pieces of the Exhibit

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The two pieces I would like to highlight are Masculino and Elevado. You can read the artists statement below.

Masculino- This monochromatic piece in an icy blue creates a feeling of harsh cold that can be derived into the physical and emotional type. This is juxtaposed by the light and happy orange -yellow second frame. The combination of the inner melancholy and cheery outer border can be a play on the icy desolation some people feel but feel like they must present themselves as happy as they can be coming off as a ray of sunshine where in reality on the inside they feel cold and disconnected from others.

Elevado- The technical ability of this piece is unparallel. You can see his intricate shadowing and how he plays with light to create a contemporary oil painting while still paying homage to old masters with the palette and intricate detailing. The way the human form is levitating above the ground resembles the lightness of a cloud.

To tease the athletic of the works you can find two monochromatic painting that exemplifies his style: En Esera and A Oscuras.

Transmutación Colectiva by Puerto Rican Arts Alliance

Major Pieces of the Exhibit

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