Mad Cow Theatre

54 W Church St Orlando

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Mad Cow Theatre

Located in the center of downtown Orlando, Mad Cow Theatre is a great place for city-goers. Their company has a wide focus, performing both contemporary and classic plays. They use pieces of American literature as well as works from all over the world. Founded in 1997, their mission has been to provide a quality entertainment experience that both questions and challenges their audience into greater social understanding. Below is a brief excerpt from one of their latest musicals, Once.

Founded in Farming

Their namesake, Mad Cow Theatre, has an origin in farming. Two of the founding members had a background in farming and suggested the name "Mad Cow" during a company dinner. This was a popular idea, as many companies were using animal names during the time of their formation. Mad Cow stayed, and the rest is history. The following promo showcases different parts of the Mad Cow Theatre experience.

Highly Respected

Due to the high-quality content of their performances, Mad Cow Theatre has become a highly respected theatre in the Orlando community. Known for their integrity to bringing compelling works to their local community, they stand apart from the competition. Whether it is musicals or dramas, cabaret or comedy, Mad Cow Theatre continues to remain relevant and steadfast in their work. For Mad Cow, theatre is entertainment as well as social work. To remain successful in their vision, they never sacrifice or take shortcuts. Below is a series of interviews from the latest Mad Cow Theatre show, Fade.

As a high-quality performing arts center, Mad Cow Theatre excels. Their desire to unite social issues with well-crafted theatrical performances showcases their innate talents. Go see a show at the Mad Cow Theatre and you will not regret it.

Mad Cow Theatre

Cover Photo Credit: "Time Lapse Photography of Group of People Dancing Together" by Pixabay via Pixabay.

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Mad Cow Theatre

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