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Lower Wacker Drive is one of the exciting places to show tourists who aren't familiar with its film history. It's a perfect location for a car chase scene because of its wide, long streets and overhead pass.

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The scene from "The Blue Brothers" (1980) with the police car pileup happened on Lower Wacker Drive between LaSalle and Lake Street. 2008's "Wanted" had many scenes shot in Chicago and one of their chase scenes was filmed on Upper Wacker Drive. You can also see the street during the police roadblock scene. The famed director Christopher Nolan directed his films "Batman Begins" (2005) and “The Dark Knight” (2008) in Chicago. In the first movie, the jeweler's building was on East Wacker Drive. In The Dark Knight, the famous car chase scene between the Joker and the GCPD happened on Lower Wacker Drive.

Considering its great location for chase scenes, Lower Wacker Drive has the potential to be in more movies. Just a quick drive underground and you'll feel like part of the chase between the Joker. Can you hear the loud explosions and Batman's motorcycle.

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