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Craft Beer in Columbus/Lineage Brewing
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Lineage Brewing

The success of Lineage Brewing is a culmination of years of experimentation and creativity, which all started with homebrewing. The brewers at Lineage explored and honed their unique brewing styles and recipes over the years by homebrewing out of garages and using homegrown hops. In the world of craft brewing, nothing is more respected than earning your chops in the garage before stepping up to the big leagues. Thus Lineage is one of the most respected breweries in the business. Lineage Brewing offers an ever-changing, always evolving variety of styles in the brewpub. The brewmasters here are continually in search of the holy grail of brewing, or in other words, the perfect pint. Lineage promotes an explorative and hands-on approach to brewing that opens up the traditional methods to creativity and new life.

The space that is now occupied by Lineage Brewing has a cool history. The building was formerly a car wash; it is now a brightly lit and modern space with a non-stuffy and friendly atmosphere. The brewers will gladly help pick out the perfect beer for your palate. It is a meeting place and beer hall, a place to forge connections among friends, food, and also among unique and adventurous beer styles. The flagship beer at Lineage Brewing is the Spaceship IPA, which is named after a Lineage grundy tank that shipped from the west coast. Spaceship IPA is an American style IPA hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra to build complexity of tropical fruit flavors and aroma with a resiny finish. It is one of the many creations on tap at the Lineage brewpub.

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Craft Beer in Columbus

Lineage Brewing

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