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Lincoln Tomb Historic Site

After Lincoln was assassinated in Washington DC, his body was eventually returned to Springfield, Illinois where he was entombed. The Lincoln Tomb Historic Site is located in Oak Ridge Cemetery, about 2 miles from downtown Springfield. The Lincoln Tomb was classified as a National Historic Landmark in 1960 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. The Tomb is the final resting place for multiple members of the Lincoln family including Abraham and Mary, and their three children Edward, Thomas, and William.

The Tomb's Design

Finished in 1874, the immense tomb made of granite includes a tall tower that sits atop a mausoleum. Surrounding the obelisk are four statues, each representing a branch of the military. In front of the tomb is a large bust of Lincoln’s head, made from bronze. The nose of the sculpture has been buffed to a golden shine from thousands of visitors rubbing it for good luck. It's unclear how this superstition was started, nevertheless, nearly all guests rub the nose as a way to pay their respects to the man that kept the union together. Finished in polished marble and trimmed with bronze, visitors may enter the mausoleum to view the rooms of the Tomb. President Lincoln’s remains sit about 10 feet below gravestone that sits atop the floor of the burial chamber. Also, the corridors throughout the rotunda are lined with miniature versions of significant Lincoln statues and plaques engraved with Lincoln’s quotes.

Visitor Information

Make sure to visit and peek inside the public receiving vault that was built in 1860 for Lincoln’s final funeral services. It’s located just a few hundred feet north of the Tomb, at the base of the hill. This was the temporary tomb for both Abraham Lincoln and his son William during the year of 1865.

Visit the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln

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Lincoln Tomb

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